Tickets for WRA competitors

All competitors can get 2 tickets for 100 € + VAT, use the PROMO code WRAGRAT when registering.

E-commerce Jam tickets

Speakers from global brands on one stage – Zalando, Google, Nike, Httpool, Nordeus. Award ceremony, networking space, concert, DJ. All this for only €230 + VAT. Join us on November 10 at the Tvornica kulture in Zagreb.

VIP E-commerce Jam

Be the most imperial jammer. Book your place in the VIP box with speakers from Zalando, Nike, Foreo, Google, Httpool … Get the full recording including the post-conference lectures and get an interview where you can present your business. The offer includes your own drinks on the table and food service to your table. Enter the VIPJAMER voucher when you register to secure your VIP place. ONLY 4 tickets available.